Hinsdale Shoe Repair

Don’t throw away your shoes, we’ll fix them like new!

What We Repair

  • Shoes & Boots
  • Orthopedic Lifts
  • Leather Jackets & Vests
  • Luggage & Duffle Bags
  • Motorcycle Saddlebags
  • Sports Gloves & Bags
  • Straps & Belts
  • Zippers

We can also help with

  • Professional Tailoring
  • Tool Sharpening

Need help with something not listed?

Call us, we probably can!

(630) 323-0358

Having well cared for shoes is not only important for your personal image, but also for your health. Having worn down shoes is bad for your heels and feet! Instead of spending hundreds on insoles that don’t help - bring your shoes to Hinsdale Shoe Repair! You’ll never need an insole again! Your old shoes will be like new! We repair all leather goods, including shoes, purses and luggage. Not only can we repair your shoes and leather goods, but we can also repair your clothes. Skilled tailors will sew and fix your beloved garments. Last but not least, we also sharpen knives, scissors, and ice skates.

Hinsdale Shoe Repair is a business that has been operating for more than 50 years. We specialize in what we do and want you, our customer, to be happy.